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Chinese steelmaker orders two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces

Chinese steelmaker orders two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces

Apr 4,2018

Chinese steelmaker Henan Yaxin Steel Group (Henan Yaxin) has ordered two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces with a maximum tapping weight of 120 metric tons each.


The new production plant, into which Henan Yaxin will integrate these EAFs, will speed up a transition from the existing induction furnace production and converter steelmaking to a more environmentally-compatible electrosteel process. The new furnaces consume considerably less electricity energy than the current set-up, which contributes to a reduction in both operating costs and CO2 emissions. Commissioning of both new furnaces is scheduled for Q1 2019.

Privately-owned Henan Yaxin operates integrated and compact steelmaking plants in five provinces and cities in China, and can produce more than10Mmt of steel each year. 

Primetals Technologies will supply the entire mechanical and electrical process equipment for both new EAFs. “Balance of plant” equipment and services will be provided by a local design institute.

The EAF Quantum was developed by Primetals Technologies and combines the proven elements of shaft furnace technology with an innovative scrap feeding process, efficient pre-heating system, new tipping concept for the lower shell, and an optimised tap system in order to attain significantly reduced tap-to-tap times. The electrical energy requirement is considerably less than that of a conventional electric arc furnace. In conjunction with reduced consumption of electrodes and oxygen, a cumulative benefit of around 20% is achieved for respective conversion costs. Overall, reductions of up to 30% of CO2 emissions per metric ton of crude steel can be attained when compared with conventional arc furnaces.


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