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MMK strengthens position in coated steel market

MMK strengthens position in coated steel market

Mar 20,2018

Russian steelmaker Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) operated its coated steel facilities at maximum capacity utilisation in 2017, it is claimed. As a result, the company claims that it is the leading producer of this product in Russia.

Alexey Oleynik, senior manager of coated metal sales group at PJSC MMK, announced the news at the 13th International Conference on galvanised and painted steel in Moscow.

Oleynik said that in 2017, PJSC MMK’s shipments of galvanised steel to the Russian market amounted to 980kt, while polymer-coated steel sales reached 310kt.

MMK’s share in apparent consumption of galvanised steel and polymer-coated steel in Russia amounted to 31% and 15%, respectively.

The company increased sales to export markets and the CIS countries. Export sales of galvanised steel (excluding those to the CIS countries) amounted to 25kt in 2017 (compared with 12kt in 2016). Sales of galvanised steel to the CIS countries grew by 10kt to 127kt and respective sales of polymer-coated steel reached 53kt (up 10kt year-on-year).

Over 2017, PJSC worked at a 100% capacity utilisation rate and claims to have secured leading positions in the coated steel market.

Last year the company commissioned a new hot-dip galvanising unit with an annual capacity of 360kt built at the site of rolling mill No. 11. The merger of the Lysvensky metallurgical plant into the MMK Group also took place in 2017.

Going forward, MMK plans to continue adopting new products. “Marking for the polymer-coated steel will be fully in line with the updated requirements of the GOST 34180 standard,” the company said.

The Lysvensky metallurgical plant continues to increase sales of its new Art-type steel with multi-layer polymer coating. It is also adopting new types of passivation materials to make electro-galvanised steel more corrosion resistant. Polymer-coated steel has reached СТО 376 ММК quality standard, the company claims.

“Consistent adoption of a wide range of high-quality metal products helps MMK fully satisfy customers’ needs and strengthen its positions in the coated steel market,” stated the company.

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